Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trying to get caught up

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Looking back, this was the day that I got behind in my blogging. You see, this was the day that Dar'mate decided that I needed a trunk wardrobe from the 1860's. She had been surfing doll stores on the net again and saw the trunks for the Madame Alexander Coquette size Little Women dolls. It was a limited edition of four trunk dolls. Amy in Paris, Jo in New York, Meg's Wedding and Beth traveling. Amy and Jo are long since sold out, but the trunks for Meg and Beth are still available.
You are probably wondering how that relates to my blog.
You have no time to think and write if you are a fit mannequin. This was the first day she started on the outfits. I already have a suit and blouse, under-petticoat and half a hoop-skirt. After she made the suit and blouse, she ordered more Susan Sirkis patterns, this time for 1861-1865.
My goal today is to get caught up through at least my Christmas entries.

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