Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riding leathers

Riding leathers by richila9098
Riding leathers, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama made me riding leathers-hat and jacket make every dress better-now I need to go and find a dragon to ride.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I got a bigger trunk

I got a bigger trunk by richila9098
I got a bigger trunk, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama said that since I have been so good about sharing my clothes; I could have a bigger trunk. Actually, this will be the trunk for all the girls and I still have a trunk with my favorite dresses. Did you see what Regan and Sunako are wearing? I think Regan looks much better in that outfit than I did. She doesn't like to run and climb and ride ponies and scooters like I do, so it won't give her the problems it gave me. Mama is still working on new patterns. Kyohei needs a nice shirt. I want a jacket and hat to go with my Green Lantern Dress.

Sunako's New Outfit

Sunako's New Outfit by richila9098
Sunako's New Outfit, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi, this is Sunako. I got a new outfit too. I even have matching underwear, but it upset Kyohei when I took a picture in just my hat shoes and undies.

Regan gets a new outfit

Regan gets a new outfit by richila9098
Regan gets a new outfit, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi, this is Regan. I still can't believe Cordie gave me this beautiful outfit. She said it wasn't good for running or some such nonsense. It is so beautiful.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Born to be Wild!

Born to be Wild! by richila9098
Born to be Wild!, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

"Get your motor running
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way

Like a true nature child
We were born
Born to be wild
We have climbed so high
Never want to die
Born to be wild
Born to be wild "

It is much easier to ride in my blue jean dress wearing my orange shoes.

Too Much Skirt!

Too Much Skirt! by richila9098
Too Much Skirt!, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I have changed my mind about the fancy dress becoming what I wear all the time. There is too much skirt to ride my scooter and my dress shoes slide on its floorboard. Back to my regular clothes and shoes so I can go for a ride. My scooter came with today's mail. One cool thing about my fancy Steampunk style dress-Papa says I need Steampunk guns. Woo Hoo!

Pinky Swear

Pinky Swear by richila9098
Pinky Swear, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Today I took the Pinky Swear Oath and have been accepted into the Sisterhood.
Pinky Swear

To be strong
To be fair
Take the oath
Of Pinky Swear

To be united
Take the oath
Of Pinky Swear

Our power
Is to share
We are one
By Pinky Swear

(written by Muja )

It is a great honor and I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my Sisters.

My fancy dress!

100_1069 by richila9098
100_1069, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama finished my fancy dress today. Isn't it beautiful? She even surprised me with special shoes to wear with it. Sometimes a girl has to take off her orange shoes. I think I could get used to the these fancy dresses.

A Buzymost Day

At the restaurant by richila9098
At the restaurant, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama had a headache Saturday evening and slept in on Sunday. Once she got up; the day became busy. We went to see Captain America with Papa. While we were at the movies, we met friends and made plans for dinner. We went home to get our boy and then met everyone at Babe's Restaurant. It was fun, but really loud. After we left the restaurant, we visited at a friend's home, laughing and talking until late.Mama's friend didnt have dolls, but they sew and do lots of fiber crafts and admired my clothing.

Playing Clue at Game Night

Friday night, we went to Felicity's house for game night. Sunako joined me and we had a wonderful time. Felicity served pizza for dinner and cake for dessert. It is so nice to have her living close by so we can visit. We have another play date in two weeks; I can't wait.