Monday, February 28, 2011

Back at school

Back at school
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Well, after being ill for almost a week, Dar'mate and I are back at school today. Her students missed her and wanted promises that she would never be ill again. I made sure that she had her gallon of water with her and her little water bottle to refill throughout the day. It is crucial that she stays hydrated to prevent a relapse. We have also gotten back to briniging our Bento boxes for lunch. Healthy, balanced lunches will help keep us both strong.

While we were out, Dar'mate took the time to make me a lovely new dress. I asked Gi what he thought.

Is it any wonder that I love him so?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blogging in the car

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We were waiting at the train station for Dar'mate's husband to come home from work. She was feeling a little better after fighting a sinus infection all week, so we both got dressed in something brighter to greet him. I always have to write quickly when I am perched here because I can't type and hold on once the car is moving. It was too warm today for a suit, so I will be wearing more modern clothing for awhile.
I have been busy nursing Dar'mate this week, making sure she rested and took her medication. Luckily, Gi was busy working on his novel and didn't think I had the week off just because I was at home. He knows that I take my duties as a Companion Doll very seriously. I am so very lucky to have a fiance that understands me so well.
Oh, I need to remind him that my friend Hitty Yasu will be coming over Friday evening for dinner and games. I am going to order in pizza , T'Sarlonde is taking care of the drinks and Amara, Nasrin and Amina will be tidying up and organizing the games for the evening.
We are all looking forward to having company for dinner and fun. It is so nice to have a home that is welcoming to our friends.

Monday, February 21, 2011


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I am so thrilled that I can barely type, but the story is here:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Game Night

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When they took a break from sewing and needle felting, Dar'mate and her friend took time to play Boggle with me. They got a lot more words than I did. I am going to have to practice before the next Game Night. I want a rematch.

A tiny Cordie

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At Game Night, Dar'mate wasn't the only one who decided not to play games. I read for a while before I stopped to watch Dar'mate's best friend work on making a tiny cat. She told me it was called needle felting. I got really excited when I found out it would look like Dar'mate's cat Cordie and was being made just for me.

First daffodil of the season

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On the way to the car, I spotted the first daffodil this year in bloom. I asked Dar'mate to take my picture with it for my sister Asha. Living in Utah now, she has been pining for an early Spring. She said the first two snowfalls were fun, after that it was just more cold. I hope this picture will help her feel warmer.

I love and miss you Asha,

Sometimes I just have to giggle

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We are getting ready for Game Night at church and Dar'mate just remembered that although she cut out the blouse for my suit, she never sewed it together. Now, she is busily scooping up her supplies to take with her. I guess there are no games for her tonight.

Somedays it is hard to write

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But, I promised myself that I would keep up with my blog. Dar'mate didn't feel well today, so it was very hard to concentrate on my writing. We, Gi and I, waited too late to get reservations for Valentines Day at our favorite restaurant, so we have a reservation for Saturday evening. I am looking forward to being out alone with Girard. Usually, it is the whole family or at least a couples date. When there are four couples in one household, it is still very crowded. I have a number of blogs to get loaded today, so I will try to keep them short.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Snow Day

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Today Dar'mate and I were home from school because of another snow day. She spent the day cleaning and I spent the day relaxing with my friends in our newly renovated living room. We are still waiting for the delivery of some flooring, but otherwise the living room is really shaping up the way I want it. We accepted delivery of two chairs today that really help finish out our seating. I love the way the cream and green chairs tie together the colors of the love seat and the chaise lounge. Now, we have enough comfortable seating for us all.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February, already?

Blue check suit 006
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I can't believe that I got behind again. Four days trapped by ice and snow did not help, since the camera usually used to document my days was left at school last Monday.Today is our first day back.. While we were gone, Dar'mate finished this suit for me. Although it is wool, it is very lightweight. If it hadn't warmed up, I would not be wearing this outfit today. Dar'mate is still working on a suit this week, but this time it is for Girard. Once she is finished with his suit, she will begin on a dark red suit for me. It is a suit for Valentine's Day, but I will be happpy if it is finished by the 19th. We have an outing that day and the theme is black white and red. Girard's new suit is a black and cream houndstooth and i will be wearing my red silk. I think we will make a very handsome couple.

In Navarro House news, Anders has written Amara and hopes to be with us by April. I do hope so, Amara misses him although they email daily.
I still need to get Dar'mate to take pictures of all the hard work we have done in the living room. We need a little more seating, but otherwise everything is exactly the way I want it.