Saturday, January 8, 2011

Girard is Home!

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So all is right in my world. Gi would have been home as promised but he got held up at the airport trying to get home. You see, he left to have a magical procedure done. I am very short for one of the people. So, Gi had his height magically altered to be closer to mine. He is still much taller than I am, but not enough that people question his origins. The only problem is that he forgot to have the height changed on his identification. He made it from the first airport without a problem, but he was detained in St. Louis because security noticed the discrepancy on his id. Finally, someone ruled that it must have been a clerical error because no one was really as tall as his id stated and sent him on his way. Gi would have made it home sooner, if the man who made the decision hadn't been on vacation until Friday. I am glad to have him home again, but I wish he had made it for New Years Eve.

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