Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Tiny Fairy Tale

Shriara has totally forgotten about her blog since she has fallen in love. The sequence of events could almost be a very strange fairytale. It wouldn't be too far off either considering it is the story of a fey and an ice dragon.

Once upon a time, there was a very tiny fey girl named Shriara. Although she was less than 6 inches tall, she never felt small. Her friends rarely noticed how small she was because she was so full of life. Shriara was the heart and soul of Navarro House.

One day while surfing the web on her tiny laptop, she found a picture of a very handsome young man with green eyes and hair so white it was tinged in blue. She was entranced by his winsome face and sweet smile. So, she sent him a note.

They became friends and over the months fell in love. All was well in Shriara's world until Jake was sad and she tried to go to him.

That was when Shriara decided to grow, but that had unexpected surprises as well.

Luckily, her young Ice Dragon found her every bit as appealing as before. And so their story continues.