Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shriara at home

Shriara at home
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Please excuse my attire, but Dar'mate left me stranded in my cot until just a little while ago. I was ready to be quite angry with her, until she showed me what she had been working on today. You have seen my office in her classroom. I had a little table and chair on her desk at home as well, but it was rather sparse. Today, while I was in my cot, she built me a little room, complete with fireplace and an upholstered chair. It was the chair that took her so much time. She upholstered it herself, sewing on the padding and the cover by hand. It is very comfortable and worth the wait. Now I have a quiet place to sit and write at home. I love my sitting room with the window seat, but Girard spends a lot of time there and it is hard to get any writing done when he is in the room. He is my dearest friend in the world and you will get to meet him soon. For now, I shall close and sit in my chair and sip my tea. Good night!

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