Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas 2011 by richila9098
Merry Christmas 2011, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Last night, Felicity invited us all to a Christmas Party at her house. We had a nice time decorating the tree and playing games. Dinner was pizza and tacos-but no one wanted a picture while eating.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


morning 1 by richila9098
morning 1, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama and I went out this morning.
The rest of the story is here:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trying on Wigs

Trying on Wigs by richila9098
Trying on Wigs, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi, I am Miri and Mama made a lot of wigs and let try them on until I found the one I liked. Isn't it pretty?

Miri is a Dream High Studio Micro-just 5.5cm tall.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


teaparty by richila9098
teaparty, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama and I went to a teaparty today. It was really nice.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tea Party Coat

Tea Party Coat by richila9098
Tea Party Coat, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama and I have a Tea party on Saturday so I asked for a special outfit.
The coat is almost done. I think I will look very pretty.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Introducing the Boys

FFF Winter swap 1 by richila9098
FFF Winter swap 1, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama insisted that I introduce the boys. Papa and My Boy wanted pocket versions of their cats too. Papa says we are going to be a superhero team called the Mighty Kitty Brigade. I have a story here if you'd like to see it:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nanowrimo Day 3

Nanowrimo Day 3 by richila9098
Nanowrimo Day 3, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama and I are still writing, but tonight I got a chocolate treat, too. Doesn't it look yummy?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nanowrimo Day 1

Nanowrimo Day 1 by richila9098
Nanowrimo Day 1, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama and I started writing our novels tonight. I got all my words, but she is running behind. Even though it is Nanowrimo, she said she still had to do her exercises and the dishes. Mama and Papa had coffee while they were writing. It smelled really good. Maybe i ewill try some, with lots of cream, tomorrow.

Monday, October 31, 2011

I was Dorothy at school today

Sitting with her basket by richila9098
Sitting with her basket, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I took my basket and my copy of The Wizard of Oz with me. I love my ruby slippers.

Cordie at Queen's Champion

Mama took me to a rapier tournament and bit was very exciting. I didn't get to fight, even though I have been practicing.

Today she is wearing an SCA costume at school because it is Halloween.


Ororo by richila9098
Ororo, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

This is my friend Ororo. She has lived here a long time, but I just helped Mama find her true name.

Happy Halloween!

Cordie dressed as Dorothy by richila9098
Cordie dressed as Dorothy, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama got my Dorothy costume finished just in time. I am taking a basket and a copy of the book with me to school. But no Toto-cats don't carry dogs!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monkey Watch 2011

Monkey Watch 2011 by richila9098
Monkey Watch 2011, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

My friend Rupert's flying monkey is lost. So, I am about to take to the air in my riding leathers and boots to search for him. If you see a lost monkey please let Rupert know.

Thank you, Cordie
P.S. I hope to get caught up with my blogging soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riding leathers

Riding leathers by richila9098
Riding leathers, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama made me riding leathers-hat and jacket make every dress better-now I need to go and find a dragon to ride.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I got a bigger trunk

I got a bigger trunk by richila9098
I got a bigger trunk, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama said that since I have been so good about sharing my clothes; I could have a bigger trunk. Actually, this will be the trunk for all the girls and I still have a trunk with my favorite dresses. Did you see what Regan and Sunako are wearing? I think Regan looks much better in that outfit than I did. She doesn't like to run and climb and ride ponies and scooters like I do, so it won't give her the problems it gave me. Mama is still working on new patterns. Kyohei needs a nice shirt. I want a jacket and hat to go with my Green Lantern Dress.

Sunako's New Outfit

Sunako's New Outfit by richila9098
Sunako's New Outfit, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi, this is Sunako. I got a new outfit too. I even have matching underwear, but it upset Kyohei when I took a picture in just my hat shoes and undies.

Regan gets a new outfit

Regan gets a new outfit by richila9098
Regan gets a new outfit, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi, this is Regan. I still can't believe Cordie gave me this beautiful outfit. She said it wasn't good for running or some such nonsense. It is so beautiful.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Born to be Wild!

Born to be Wild! by richila9098
Born to be Wild!, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

"Get your motor running
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way

Like a true nature child
We were born
Born to be wild
We have climbed so high
Never want to die
Born to be wild
Born to be wild "

It is much easier to ride in my blue jean dress wearing my orange shoes.

Too Much Skirt!

Too Much Skirt! by richila9098
Too Much Skirt!, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I have changed my mind about the fancy dress becoming what I wear all the time. There is too much skirt to ride my scooter and my dress shoes slide on its floorboard. Back to my regular clothes and shoes so I can go for a ride. My scooter came with today's mail. One cool thing about my fancy Steampunk style dress-Papa says I need Steampunk guns. Woo Hoo!

Pinky Swear

Pinky Swear by richila9098
Pinky Swear, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Today I took the Pinky Swear Oath and have been accepted into the Sisterhood.
Pinky Swear

To be strong
To be fair
Take the oath
Of Pinky Swear

To be united
Take the oath
Of Pinky Swear

Our power
Is to share
We are one
By Pinky Swear

(written by Muja )

It is a great honor and I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my Sisters.

My fancy dress!

100_1069 by richila9098
100_1069, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama finished my fancy dress today. Isn't it beautiful? She even surprised me with special shoes to wear with it. Sometimes a girl has to take off her orange shoes. I think I could get used to the these fancy dresses.

A Buzymost Day

At the restaurant by richila9098
At the restaurant, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama had a headache Saturday evening and slept in on Sunday. Once she got up; the day became busy. We went to see Captain America with Papa. While we were at the movies, we met friends and made plans for dinner. We went home to get our boy and then met everyone at Babe's Restaurant. It was fun, but really loud. After we left the restaurant, we visited at a friend's home, laughing and talking until late.Mama's friend didnt have dolls, but they sew and do lots of fiber crafts and admired my clothing.

Playing Clue at Game Night

Friday night, we went to Felicity's house for game night. Sunako joined me and we had a wonderful time. Felicity served pizza for dinner and cake for dessert. It is so nice to have her living close by so we can visit. We have another play date in two weeks; I can't wait.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hurry! by richila9098
Hurry!, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I have been hanging out online with my friends NyXy and Tiggy. I have been accepted as an Honorary Firefly Fairy. I need a very special outfit to say the Pinky Swear Oath. So, I was looking at one of the doll forums and saw an outfit I wanted. The designer called it Steampunk-I just know it was pretty and very fancy. Mama started work on it today and figured out how to make a lace shrug for me. But, when I asked her to hurry. I got put to work. I didn't know she had a sewing machine my size. Oh, I got a pony today. Her name is Dreamsicle, Dreamy for short. Isn't she pretty?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Transformers: The Interview

transformers1 by richila9098
transformers1, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

We got to see Transformers yesterday and I got to interview one of the stars for my blog. Click on the picture to see the whole story.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Cousins by richila9098
Cousins, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

This is my cousin Felicity. She arrived at our house yesterday and her Mama picked her up today. We had a lot of fun playing while our mamas made clothes for us. Felicity says another relative may be coming her later.
Since I last wrote, so much has happened. I have a new house, but it will need some work before we can move in completely.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Working on My Blog

100_0768 by richila9098
100_0768, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

While Mama is sewing today, I decided to work on the blog. Shriara found out I was writing on her blog and gave me permission to be the official traveling doll and reporter. It will keep the same name until we figure out the perfect name for it.

Mama made a special place on Flickr to put my stories and I wanted to share it with you.

Soon, there will be more friends for me to play with and write about. Once there are more of us we are going to have a "talk" with Regan. I don't mind sharing, but right now she has claimed the Cafe as her home. Luckily, I was able to get my laptop from her because she said the screen was too small for her taste. Maybe, she just needs something to cuddle so she can be nicer. I will think about it. Right now, I am just happy to hang out wherever Mama is.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dress 12

Dress 12 by richila9098
Dress 12, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama finished this dress today. I am looking forward to many more gingham dresses. She also is working on new patterns. Kyohei is glad that she made him a jacket, but he keeps asking about Sunako. I have reassured him that she will return to him soon.
My cousin is supposed to be coming soon. She is being adopted by Miss Mayra, Mama's best friend. It will be nice to have her living so close.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cordelia Meets the New Girl

Meeting the new girl by richila9098
Meeting the new girl, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I just met Regan. Somehow her name is familar, but I just can't place her.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dresses 5-10

Dresses 6-10 by richila9098
Dresses 6-10, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Here is the fashion show I promised. Mama says there are more to come. She still has fabric and just bought a new pattern in my size. I didn't know anyone sold patterns in my size.

Yankee Doodle Girl

Yankee Doodle Girl by richila9098
Yankee Doodle Girl, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

We watched Yankee Doodle Dandy with friends on July 2nd-so I wanted to be a Yankee Doodle Girl for the 4th-but Mama wasn't feeling well. Better late than never.

My First Movie

movie by richila9098
movie, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Green Lantern wasn't my first movie; it was my second.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Green Lantern

green lantern by richila9098
green lantern, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Friday, we went to see the Green Lantern Movie.

Friday, July 1, 2011


VBS by richila9098
VBS, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

This week we went to VBS. Mama was the song leader. I like Rice Krispie Treats and pizza.
I now have 8 dresses. Mama says I will get a special dress for July 4th. Tomorrow, we will be visiting friends.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dresses 3 and 4

Dresses 3 and 4 by richila9098
Dresses 3 and 4, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I couldn't wait fo Mama to finish more dresses. These two are fun. I hope she finds more polka-dots, I really like them.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dress 2

Dress 2 by richila9098
Dress 2, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

This is my second dress. I will do a fashion show later this week. Mama has already made 4 and is working on the fifth.

A proper nekomimi dress

A proper nekomimi dress by richila9098
A proper nekomimi dress, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Mama made me adress like the other Nekomimi, but she said no guns. I don't really mind since I have Mr. Bear. I think he is more fun anyway.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cordie Wants

Cordie Wants by richila9098
Cordie Wants, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I found pictures of other Nekomimi on one of Mama's doll groups.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's day

Father's day by richila9098
Father's day, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I waited with Mama for food at Black-eyed Pea on Sunday. It was what Papa wanted for dinner, but he didn't want to go out.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


lunch by richila9098
lunch, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Sunako, Kyohei and I have fun together.
This is another short story, but there are longer stories in our Flickr account. Check them out.


photoshy by richila9098
photoshy, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Sometimes, even I get tired of having my picture taken. Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer by richila9098
Tiny Dancer, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi, this is Cordie! I got a new body yesterday and now I fit in Mama's pocket. There is room for a camera as well. I will be taking over Shriara's blog for a while. Please don't tell!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Back

I'm Back by richila9098
I'm Back, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I enjoyed my time off, but I am glad to be back writing. I just wanted to check in briefly, but I will be adding more this week as I get caught up. It has been a very busy few weeks and I will be writing more as soon as we get all the pictures loaded and I get my thoughts together.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spending time with Gi

hands by richila9098
hands, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi everyone,
I have been spending some quality time with Gi while Dar'mate and Richi get to know each other better. I'll be back soon, but I am enjoying the time with my sweetie.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am so excited!

My picture is picture of the day at Kawaii Korner. It is a forum that deals with cute dolls and recently opened up to include tiny bjd. Since Dar'mate thinks I am very cute and at 27 cm I am definitely a tiny bjd-she included my picture in the teddy and robe she made me.

My First Doll Show

Dar'mate, Miss Jo and I went to a Doll Show last Saturday. I took my trusty laptop with me to make notes. First we dropped off Miss Jo's sewing machine to be repaired.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't have to pay to get in, but Dar'mate did have to get a receipt for me so I would be able to get out again. I held on to it tightly because I definitely did not want to be left behind.

At the show we picked up patterns for me and a trunk for Nefertari. Miss Jo bought a Hitty of her very own.

After shopping at the Doll Show, we went to downtown Grapevine to have lunch. We enjoyed seeing the train and the motorcycle on our way to lunch at Tolbert's.

Afterwards, we walked around and looked in shops. It was a beautiful afternoon and we enjoyed the outdoor seating that was provided. I love tea sets and if that tea cup hadn't been big enough for me to sit in, I would have asked for it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter by richila9098
Happy Easter, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

This morning, Dar'mate and I attended Sunrise Service. There were 35 Alleluias in the hymns we sang. Alleluias are especially fun after going through Lent and not singing any.

After the Early Service, we had breakfast and then it was time for my favorite part. I helped prepare the flowers for the Flowering of the Cross. Families of the church bring bouquets of flowers that we attach to florist picks. Then, everyone gets a chance to place flowers on the Cross.

I had hoped to help cut flowers this morning, but in the rush to get to Service, we forgot my scissors. I still got to help and we even made a flower grouping that was just my size for the Cross. Dar'mate ended up having to place it for me; I was too small to reach the cross and we were worried some of the childeren would step on me.

The pink egg was in one of the bouquets; we gave it to Miss Mayra's daughter.

Dar'mate and I both wore orange dresses for Easter. It is fun to wear coordinated clothes, sometimes. I am glad that we both look good in the same colors.

We are home now and the prparations for Easter dinner have already started. The big people here are having lamb, but I am afraid to guess what we dolls are having. Last year, we had pasta and salad. The girls all helped cook and it was the only thing we could agree on; six women in the kitchen are five too many.

The boys are cooking this year. They have been very secretive and we fear that we are having hamburgers, pizza or both. Maybe, I should pack all the girls Bento boxes, just in case.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Egg hunting and Easter

Egg hunting by richila9098
Egg hunting, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Yesterday, Dar'mate and I went to a park with doll friends for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a week early, but next week we will be busy with activities at church.

This is Holy Week and we have choir practice on Wednesday; Maundy Thursday Service on Thursday-the choir is singing; Friday is Stations of the Cross from 12 to 3 and Good Friday Service in the evening.

On Easter Sunday, we go to Sunrise Service, have Easter Breakfast at church and then I will help Dar'mate prepare flowers for the Flowering of the Cross. We have a special cross that we cover with flowers for Easter to represent the Resurrection of Our Lord. It is very beautiful and my favorite part of the Easter celebration. After that, we stay until the choir sings because we are all choir members.members.

I became an honorary member of the choir last year at the choir retreat. I am not very loud, but I really enjoy singing. It is another thing that Dar'mate and i enjoy doing together.