Monday, December 29, 2014

Plan for the New Year

Richi wants me to help her post a blog every week for 2015. I don't know if there will be a theme or just a random picture and blog every week. Now, I need to choose a day to put on my calendar to remind myself each week.

Monday, November 3, 2014

It's Nanowrimo Time!

Mama and I are both writing for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month ).  Papa said that since I am so little I would only need 500 words for the month instead of 50,000.
"That's only 17 words a day or a Haiku per day."

This is my Day 1 Haiku:

Tiniest of Fae
Creating a brand new world
Is the job too big?


Friday, May 30, 2014

BJD Questions

#1: The wait
What are some things you do while you wait for your doll or doll things to come in?

I make and buy clothing and collect props for the incoming doll. I usually start a box or trunk with things just for the incoming doll.

#2: Dream dolls
If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream doll to have and why?
My Dream Doll was a Dollshe Hound-until I held one of the big boys. Way too much doll for me.

I decided that it wasn't to be until I saw an Orient Doll Tae, pictured next to a Hound. I fell in love and then found out that they were out of production. That began my search. I finally found my Tae, Girard.

#3: Fantasy dolls
What fantasy creature would you like to see as a BJD?

A Nekomimi (catgirl) with a mature body under 16cm tall.

#4: Favorite brand/store
What is your favorite place to buy BJDs? Is it a certain brand’s website? Or is it a retailer like Denver Doll Emporium?
Currently, my favorite is Dream High Studio. I love the micros-under 8cm tall.

#5: Dolls in public
Would you, or do you ever take your dolls out into public? If you do, where do you like to go?
I have been carrying travel dolls long before I have had BJDs. My current travel doll is a Dream High Studio Micro Piko and stands 5cm tall. Richi goes everywhere with me. The only time I won't pull her out is if there a lot of unsupervised children about. I had a child try to steal a Micro from my purse in a store once.

#6: Handmade VS buying
Do you prefer to buy your dolls things? Or make them?
I buy what I can and make the rest. For Richi, I make her clothes. I can buy shoes for her but to get the kinds of things that suit her best I crochet.

#7: Faceups
Do you prefer factory or custom faceups? Do you do your own doll’s faceup?

I enhance company face-ups and do my own faceups on my 16cm and below dolls. I only send out dolls to be done if I can't do it myself. Mostly, my Planet Doll tinies have custom faceups.
#8: Names
How do you choose your names for your dolls?

Richi is named from my on-line name Richila. Most of my dolls have a concept that I research on  I have three dolls that are named Rose, my favorite flower, in three different languages.

#9: Doll sizes
Is there a particular size that you cling to? Which one and why?
My largest dolls are MSD-I have 2. I have one doll that is 1/5-Tae. The rest are tinies-under 30 cms and the majority of those are under 16 cm. I like dollhouse size dolls and smaller.

#10: Are dolls scary?
Have you ever had people tell you that they are creepy? Have you ever been creeped out?

Dolls with teeth are scary.
No one that matters has ever said my dolls are scary. Most people find my dolls amazing or adorable-especially the Micros. 5cm tall and double jointed is very impressive.

#11: How many?
How many dolls do you own? Do you have a max limit (or have you already exceeded this
Just the Resin- 3 MSD; 9 tinies 30cm -25cm; 6 tinies 16cm -5cm

#12: Unfortunate buys
Have you ever ordered something and it either didn’t fit or just wasn’t what you expected?
Iplehouse Benny - a lovely doll, but didn't fit with my other dolls and got sold to someone who wanted one but couldn't afford one when they came out the first time.

#13: Bonding
How do you bond with your dolls? Do you bond at all or do you just marvel at their beauty?
Bonding is how I decide who stays. I make clothing and develop a doll's look and decide what props they would own.

#14: Selling dolls
Would you ever sell one of your BJDs?

#15: Skin tone
Do you own dolls with different skin tones?

My dolls have different skintones, but most of them are natural- no fantasy colors.

#16: Friends with dolls
Do you have any friends with BJDs? Have you managed to “convert” anyone?

Yes and yes

#17: Favorite eyes
What are your favorite types of eyes?

I love Dreaming Tree Studio eyes. They are the eyes in all of my 16cm and smaller dolls.

#18: Style
A lot of dolls have a specific style in which they are dressed. What style you like to dress your dolls in, and do they ever change styles?

Most of my dolls have a somewhat distinctive style. Once I figure out a style, they usually stick to it with minor variations.  Also, some styles evolved as my sewing skills got better. The only doll who didn't follow that rule is Cordie-who has had 4 different body types before settling on her current body.

#19: Pretty VS poseable
In this hobby you sometimes have to compromise. When it comes to your dolls, do you go for pretty or poseable?
Poseable! I kept moving Cordie's head until I got it on a poseable body.

#20: Hiding
Do you hide things in your doll’s head or body?


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Scary Places

The world is a very scary place when you are only two inches tall.  Like many small dolls, I suffer from FOGL (fear of getting lost). Being so very small,  I weigh very little.  I am at risk of being stolen by cats and a granddaughter at home. That is why Mama always keeps me in sight. Away from home,  I could be dropped and disappear without a trace. Luckily,  Mama has a comfy carry box for me and Pi, my okapi.  In her classroom,  I have my own office with desk, chair, chaise, bookshelf and plant.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It Works

More fun with Richi

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I am enjoying using Comicstripit with Richi.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Sometimes it takes a simple change to make you do things differently.  My change was a new phone big enough for me to see easily, but even better I can handwrite with my stylus. Somehow cursive makes it more likely that I will blog. I have missed writing longhand - I spent a long time learning and using it . The screen on my phone has also changed my mind about my e-reader of choice. I own a Nook, but I prefer the Kindle app. With a bigger better screen, I am back to Amazon and Kindle.


I got a new phone and Comicstripit and I love it!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Only Slightly Tamer

Only slightly tamer by richila9098
Only slightly tamer, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I didn't realize that I would have to wear the yellow torture device more than once! Mama said it was better, but not good enough. Maybe I can get her to make me a little silk scarf. At least it wouldn't be as heavy as the yellow thing.

Bang training

Bang training by richila9098
Bang training, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi, Richi here under the yellow torture device. Mama says we are "training" my bangs to lie down flat. According to Mama, she spent a lot of her childhood with a scarf wrapped around her bangs to make them lie down flat. I rather like my wild hair, but Mama insisted. She wants me to look neater for the weekly pictures.

Your friend,

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Me and Pi

Me and Pi by richila9098
Me and Pi, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

This is my okapi, Pi. I thought long and hard and Pi just seemed to fit. One of Mama's favorite books of all time is Life of Pi. She read it with Xander for a school project when he was in 9th grade.They bought in hardcover and still have it on the bookshelves. Mama has never seen the film because she doesn't want to be angry if they got it wrong.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cocoa together is best!

Cocoa together is best! by richila9098
Cocoa together is best!, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Today we had morning cocoa because it was chilly out. Cocoa is always good, but it tastes even better when you share with a friend.

Your Friend,

Monday, January 13, 2014

Just Hanging Out at School

Hi, it's Richi! Today we are at school with Mama. Yesterday Myri and i spent the day in bed. We were exhausted after running errands and then helping Mama do a photo shoot with Cordie and Ikuto. I got a notice that my Okapi has been mailed. I hope it gets here soon.
Until later, your friend,

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Watching and Waiting

Watching and Waiting by richila9098
Watching and Waiting, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi Richi here. Myri and I went to Bible study with Mama and then out running errands.
I liked Bible study. All the ladies made a fuss over us and how cute we are. I thought that we would actually go in the store, but instead Mama crocheted in the car and Papa went shopping without us. All we could do was watch and wait. We did get to go in Barnes and Noble with Mama and Papa, but Mama said that there were too many small children running about for us to come out. I like the White Rhino better.

Until later, your Friend,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hangin' at the White Rhino

Hi, Richi here!
Myri and I had a great time at the White Rhino. Myri had a cappuccino, but I had cocoa. Mama wasn't sure how I would respond to caffeine in the evening.Maybe next time I will get to have coffee, too.

Until later, your friend,

Lunch Time!

Lunch Time! by richila9098
Lunch Time!, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hi Myri this time! Richi and I had a very nice lunch together. I usually have lunch with Mama every day, but it was really nice having lunch and talking to someone my own size. I am going to suggest to Mama that Richi comes with us everyday. I think it will be a lot of fun. I was disappointed last year that Romy didn't want to travel, but Richi likes to travel.


P.S. Richi here-Mama said we are going to a coffeehouse after school. I can't wait!
Your friend,

This one, please.

This one, please. by richila9098
This one, please., a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.
Myri told me her favorite shop for perfectly sized stuffies:
I found exactly what I wanted and Mama bought my okapi for me. I can't wait until it arrives. The artist is even sizing it especially for me since I am a little smaller than Myri.

Until later, your friend,

Richi is Home!

Richi is Home! by richila9098
Richi is Home!, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Hello everyone! My name is Richi. I just got home last night. Mama had hoped for me to arrive by Christmas, but I decided to tour the US instead of coming straight here from Indonesia.
Today I got to go to school with Mama and Myri. Myri even let me cuddle her unicorn until I get a stuffie of my own. I will write again soon.
Your friend,

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2/52 Love : Puppy Love

2/52 Love : Puppy Love by richila9098
2/52 Love : Puppy Love, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I love my puppy, Patch. He is perfect for cuddling. I got Mama to take this week's picture a lot earlier. It was easy; I knew exactly what picture I wanted her to take. Still no sign of my friend Richi, I hope she comes home soon.

Monday, January 6, 2014

1/52 Self portrait: That's Better!

I can't believe Mama posted a picture with a big spot on my face. This is the replacement picture. Now, to repost to Facebook. At least, it hadn't been put in the album yet.


52 Week Challenge: Here is the list

52 Week Challenge by richila9098
52 Week Challenge, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

I wanted to make sure we got this posted. Sometimes Mama gets distracted and forgets, so I made sure i kept mentioning it until she helped me post it. Mama called me the world's tiniest chatterbox-but the list did get posted.

I'll be back soon,

1/52 Self portrait ; We don't own a camera small enough for me

We joined a Picture a week on Facebook with Miranda of
This was going to be a picture of Richi, but she hasn't got home yet. This was supposed to be a self portrait, but even the smallest camera was too big for my tiny hands. I will post the list we are following in my next post. Maybe this will help me get at least one post done per week this year.