Thursday, March 24, 2011

Watching the train

047 by richila9098
047, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

Today I learned an important lesson. Whiny dolls get left in the bag until lunch time if there isn't time to change their clothing. Complaining on the blog did get some springtime dresses pulled out, but I only had half a day to show off my pretty dress at school.

After school today, Dar'mate and I took some time to read about her new camera and try it out. At first, I didn't want my picture taken. But, when she offered me new places to pose in the car, I was quite willing. I had never gotten to sit in the open window before and i enjoyed all the things I could see from that position.

This is my favorite picture we took this afternoon. I enjoyed watching the train go by. I think it would be quite exciting to ride one someday. I would really enjoy having my picture taken while riding on the train.

I will get to go to the Dollakon convention in June. Maybe I will have a chance to ride a train then.

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