Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter by richila9098
Happy Easter, a photo by richila9098 on Flickr.

This morning, Dar'mate and I attended Sunrise Service. There were 35 Alleluias in the hymns we sang. Alleluias are especially fun after going through Lent and not singing any.

After the Early Service, we had breakfast and then it was time for my favorite part. I helped prepare the flowers for the Flowering of the Cross. Families of the church bring bouquets of flowers that we attach to florist picks. Then, everyone gets a chance to place flowers on the Cross.

I had hoped to help cut flowers this morning, but in the rush to get to Service, we forgot my scissors. I still got to help and we even made a flower grouping that was just my size for the Cross. Dar'mate ended up having to place it for me; I was too small to reach the cross and we were worried some of the childeren would step on me.

The pink egg was in one of the bouquets; we gave it to Miss Mayra's daughter.

Dar'mate and I both wore orange dresses for Easter. It is fun to wear coordinated clothes, sometimes. I am glad that we both look good in the same colors.

We are home now and the prparations for Easter dinner have already started. The big people here are having lamb, but I am afraid to guess what we dolls are having. Last year, we had pasta and salad. The girls all helped cook and it was the only thing we could agree on; six women in the kitchen are five too many.

The boys are cooking this year. They have been very secretive and we fear that we are having hamburgers, pizza or both. Maybe, I should pack all the girls Bento boxes, just in case.

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