Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm Back!

But, you won't see me everyday for a while. This is the only dress that is altered to fit and none of my shoes fit anymore. I was perfectly happy running around in my bikini showing off my new figure, but Mama says that you can't wear a bikini everywhere. I am wearing Aygul's spare house shoes. They are purple. I don't wear purple shoes! So, I will be at home waiting for more clothing and shoes while Myri will be the daily roving reporter. She has been doing a good job and I am fine with her continuing, for now.
Maybe while I am at home I will start tiling my house. I have the marble tiles, I just have to decide which rooms I want in green marble. It is really pretty and I use them to tile the table for Myri's room. She will be blogging about her new room later. It is nice to be able to use my Macbook again. You can't do much when your arms won't work.
I love being taller. My feet reach the floor when I sit in my chairs and I can reach the top of my desk without having to kneel on the chair.
Even better than being taller is having curves, I really like the attention I am getting. I have two admirers. I will tell you more about them later. Right now, I am enjoying all that i can do. My legs are really long and I can run really fast. Mama can only catch me if I want her to. Yesterday, I was naughty and ran away from her. I am glad she loves me anyway. She made me new undies that fit, found some shoes to protect my feet and altered my dress so that it would fit. She has even redrafted the pattern for my Merida dress for Halloween. I am really glad because I have been invited to two parties. I wonder what Myri and Aygul will be wearing? I better ask Mama so she can start planning.
I will see you soon,

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