Friday, May 30, 2014

BJD Questions

#1: The wait
What are some things you do while you wait for your doll or doll things to come in?

I make and buy clothing and collect props for the incoming doll. I usually start a box or trunk with things just for the incoming doll.

#2: Dream dolls
If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream doll to have and why?
My Dream Doll was a Dollshe Hound-until I held one of the big boys. Way too much doll for me.

I decided that it wasn't to be until I saw an Orient Doll Tae, pictured next to a Hound. I fell in love and then found out that they were out of production. That began my search. I finally found my Tae, Girard.

#3: Fantasy dolls
What fantasy creature would you like to see as a BJD?

A Nekomimi (catgirl) with a mature body under 16cm tall.

#4: Favorite brand/store
What is your favorite place to buy BJDs? Is it a certain brand’s website? Or is it a retailer like Denver Doll Emporium?
Currently, my favorite is Dream High Studio. I love the micros-under 8cm tall.

#5: Dolls in public
Would you, or do you ever take your dolls out into public? If you do, where do you like to go?
I have been carrying travel dolls long before I have had BJDs. My current travel doll is a Dream High Studio Micro Piko and stands 5cm tall. Richi goes everywhere with me. The only time I won't pull her out is if there a lot of unsupervised children about. I had a child try to steal a Micro from my purse in a store once.

#6: Handmade VS buying
Do you prefer to buy your dolls things? Or make them?
I buy what I can and make the rest. For Richi, I make her clothes. I can buy shoes for her but to get the kinds of things that suit her best I crochet.

#7: Faceups
Do you prefer factory or custom faceups? Do you do your own doll’s faceup?

I enhance company face-ups and do my own faceups on my 16cm and below dolls. I only send out dolls to be done if I can't do it myself. Mostly, my Planet Doll tinies have custom faceups.
#8: Names
How do you choose your names for your dolls?

Richi is named from my on-line name Richila. Most of my dolls have a concept that I research on  I have three dolls that are named Rose, my favorite flower, in three different languages.

#9: Doll sizes
Is there a particular size that you cling to? Which one and why?
My largest dolls are MSD-I have 2. I have one doll that is 1/5-Tae. The rest are tinies-under 30 cms and the majority of those are under 16 cm. I like dollhouse size dolls and smaller.

#10: Are dolls scary?
Have you ever had people tell you that they are creepy? Have you ever been creeped out?

Dolls with teeth are scary.
No one that matters has ever said my dolls are scary. Most people find my dolls amazing or adorable-especially the Micros. 5cm tall and double jointed is very impressive.

#11: How many?
How many dolls do you own? Do you have a max limit (or have you already exceeded this
Just the Resin- 3 MSD; 9 tinies 30cm -25cm; 6 tinies 16cm -5cm

#12: Unfortunate buys
Have you ever ordered something and it either didn’t fit or just wasn’t what you expected?
Iplehouse Benny - a lovely doll, but didn't fit with my other dolls and got sold to someone who wanted one but couldn't afford one when they came out the first time.

#13: Bonding
How do you bond with your dolls? Do you bond at all or do you just marvel at their beauty?
Bonding is how I decide who stays. I make clothing and develop a doll's look and decide what props they would own.

#14: Selling dolls
Would you ever sell one of your BJDs?

#15: Skin tone
Do you own dolls with different skin tones?

My dolls have different skintones, but most of them are natural- no fantasy colors.

#16: Friends with dolls
Do you have any friends with BJDs? Have you managed to “convert” anyone?

Yes and yes

#17: Favorite eyes
What are your favorite types of eyes?

I love Dreaming Tree Studio eyes. They are the eyes in all of my 16cm and smaller dolls.

#18: Style
A lot of dolls have a specific style in which they are dressed. What style you like to dress your dolls in, and do they ever change styles?

Most of my dolls have a somewhat distinctive style. Once I figure out a style, they usually stick to it with minor variations.  Also, some styles evolved as my sewing skills got better. The only doll who didn't follow that rule is Cordie-who has had 4 different body types before settling on her current body.

#19: Pretty VS poseable
In this hobby you sometimes have to compromise. When it comes to your dolls, do you go for pretty or poseable?
Poseable! I kept moving Cordie's head until I got it on a poseable body.

#20: Hiding
Do you hide things in your doll’s head or body?


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