Monday, February 7, 2011

February, already?

Blue check suit 006
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I can't believe that I got behind again. Four days trapped by ice and snow did not help, since the camera usually used to document my days was left at school last Monday.Today is our first day back.. While we were gone, Dar'mate finished this suit for me. Although it is wool, it is very lightweight. If it hadn't warmed up, I would not be wearing this outfit today. Dar'mate is still working on a suit this week, but this time it is for Girard. Once she is finished with his suit, she will begin on a dark red suit for me. It is a suit for Valentine's Day, but I will be happpy if it is finished by the 19th. We have an outing that day and the theme is black white and red. Girard's new suit is a black and cream houndstooth and i will be wearing my red silk. I think we will make a very handsome couple.

In Navarro House news, Anders has written Amara and hopes to be with us by April. I do hope so, Amara misses him although they email daily.
I still need to get Dar'mate to take pictures of all the hard work we have done in the living room. We need a little more seating, but otherwise everything is exactly the way I want it.

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