Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blogging in the car

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We were waiting at the train station for Dar'mate's husband to come home from work. She was feeling a little better after fighting a sinus infection all week, so we both got dressed in something brighter to greet him. I always have to write quickly when I am perched here because I can't type and hold on once the car is moving. It was too warm today for a suit, so I will be wearing more modern clothing for awhile.
I have been busy nursing Dar'mate this week, making sure she rested and took her medication. Luckily, Gi was busy working on his novel and didn't think I had the week off just because I was at home. He knows that I take my duties as a Companion Doll very seriously. I am so very lucky to have a fiance that understands me so well.
Oh, I need to remind him that my friend Hitty Yasu will be coming over Friday evening for dinner and games. I am going to order in pizza , T'Sarlonde is taking care of the drinks and Amara, Nasrin and Amina will be tidying up and organizing the games for the evening.
We are all looking forward to having company for dinner and fun. It is so nice to have a home that is welcoming to our friends.

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