Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's a doll's life

I got something sticky in my hair while playing, so Mama had to shampoo it. At first, I sulked and wouldn't get out of bed so she could take care of it, but I got tired of sitting in my bedroom by myself. Especially when other dolls were traveling with her instead of me. Finally on Thanksgiving, I got up and asked her to shampoo my hair. It takes a long time for my hair to dry.
I got cold, so Mama found me a little knit cap to wear while I waited. My new dress came in the mail yesterday.

It is all toasty and warm, but it feels strange not to be wearing my petticoat. I am glad that my stockings are thick and warm. Mama bought some nice green fleece to make us all coats with. But, first she made a coat and a pair of warm pants for a friend of ours who lives in Chicago. Actually, he is Nefertari's friend, his bicep is almost as big as me and his inseam is longer than Amara is tall. Nefertari says he is a gentle soul and would be very careful of me. Oh, I forgot, you haven't met Nefertari yet.

This is Nefertari, isn't she beautiful. She is as nice as she is beautiful. Nefertari will play board games with me, even though my whole game board is the size of her two hands. We have tea parties together also, although I always bring my own tea cup. (I can sit on her cup.)

This is my best friend, Amara. You have met her in our photostories, but I don't think you have seen her new hairstyle. Amara loves it and has been doing a lot of hair tossing. She feels that it is just the right hair for a Roma turned pirate. I hope Mama gets our ship put together soon: we have lots of adventures to go on.

This is Mstya, Amara's big brother. He tracked her all the way here to look out for her. At first, Amara said she didn't know him, but later she admitted that she was glad her brother had come to find her.

This is my big sister, Leila. She has been busy learning to be a warrior. Leila says it is dangerous on the high seas , so she will help protect us. Her twin sister, Miela, is going off to live with our friend Miss Teddie. They became great friends when Miss Teddie visited this summer. She didn't want to be included in what has become our dolly family portrait.

While I was writing, Mama finished styling my hair and it is finally ready.I really missed my hair.

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