Monday, November 9, 2009


My name is Shriara and I am a companion doll. I have so many things to say that it is hard to get them down in an orderly manner.

Let me start with some basic facts. I always call my owner, Valerie, Mama. She only has one human child and he is a boy, a very large boy. When you are less than 6 inches tall ,a boy over 6 feet tall is very large indeed.

Mama likes to make doll clothes. I like to wear clothes, so we get along very well indeed.

My best friend is Amara. Amara is a pirate. She is about to get her very own ship. Even without a ship, we have had fun together. Amara has a horse named Wildfire. Mama downloaded the song so that I can hear it. It is a sad song, but Wildfire is a very nice horse. Amara has taken me riding and I enjoyed it very much.

I travel most places with Mama riding in my sleeping bag in her purse. I always keep some books and my Etch a Sketch in there so that I will have things to do. I like sitting on my little carpet on the dash of the car. When I look out the window, I feel like I am on a flying carpet.

We have to go run errands now, so I will talk to you later.

Bye for now,

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