Thursday, January 1, 2015

Almost a year of Richi

I was tagged to make a list of my Doll Wishes for 2015. I had to ask "Does it count when all my goals and wishes involve Richi?" You see, Richi is the only doll who came and stayed in 2014. A Micro fairy that I had owned longer went to her forever home. A Firefly Fairy arrived and was sent packing by Richi. Myri has gone to a seamstress to be a fit model so Richi can have jeans, t-shirts and footie pajamas. Every doll that tries to arrive would have to capture my imagination in ways that
Richi can't or be easier to photograph than Richi.

If Legos Friends didn't exist, other dolls might have had a chance. But Richi has a modular doll house that is completely furnished.

If I couldn't crochet clothes for her, other dolls might have a chance. But crocheting for Richi has improved my crochet skills. The smallest thread I could crochet with in 2013 was a size 10 crochet cotton or size 8 perle cotton. Today I finished a ankle length gown made of size 40 crochet/tatting cotton and trimmed in size 12 perle cotton. For Richi's sake, I have learned to read and modify patterns to fit her.

Richi is my trunk doll, my dollhouse doll, my companion doll.. This year she will be my photo story doll.

So here is my list:

1. Make more wigs in different styles for Richi

2. Take at least one doll picture a day.

3. Write a doll blog each week.

4. Do a Doll photo story each month.

5. Keep my Etsy store updated and photograph all of my threads for custom orders. (This is to fund my love of thread-there are Lizbeth 40 colors that I don't own.)

6. Order a non-crocheted wardrobe for Richi from Spampy.

7. Organize Richi's clothing and make sure each outfit has matching accessories. (hat, shoes or boots etc )

8. Order and build Emma's Lego Friends house for Richi- it's lavender.

9. Buy a backup body for Richi.

10. Buy the Legos Elves ship for Richi, when it comes out- it's purple.

11. Make a decision about the rest of the Legos Elves sets after I buy the ship and put it together.

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